11 Best Handbags for Travel in 2021 (Review & Comparison)

Last Updated on - 03 Feb 2021

During traveling having a handbag is essential thing because you have to carry a lot of small items that you can easily put into your hand ag like visa passport and many small things but choosing a best travel bag among all is very difficult work so we prepared a list of 11 best handbags for travel so you can choose according to your needs.

Things You Should Consider While Buying the Best Handbags for Travel

  • It must be spacious.
  • Must look stylish.
  • Should have anti-theft features.
  • Kind of handbag you need
  • Comfortable to carry.
  • Easy to organize
  • Price range

Best Travel Handbags for Europe 2021

#1. BOSTANTEN Leather Hobo Handbag

BOSTANTEN leather hobo handbag is designed by highly experienced professional artisans using genuine leather and it looks luxurious and elegant with durable fabric lining with custom silver hardware.

It comes with two shoulder straps to make you comfortable while carrying this handbag. This bag is very easy to organize with its multiple zipper pockets and compartments with an exterior structure with more pockets to organize your different things.

This bag has the aroma and feels of a luxurious bag while providing you with maximum space to put in the items of your daily needs at an affordable price.

Pros of BOSTANTEN Leather Hobo Handbag

  • Comfortable to carry around.
  • Plenty of space available.
  • Easy to organize with multiple pockets.
  • Affordable price for genuine leather.

Cons of BOSTANTEN Leather Hobo Handbag

  • The empty bag is quite heavy

Best For: Looking for a leather handbag with maximum space at an affordable price.

#2. Kenneth Cole Harriet Satchel Handbag

Kenneth cole harriet satchel handbag is an affordable faux leather bag with a triple entry design that provided zipper closure for center section and two snap clip sections for maximum space utilization.

It has one interior pocket and two open pockets for extra storage and easy access to necessary items. This bag also includes an extra strap for cross over strap and carry over the shoulder strap to help you carry bag comfortable and in a way you like.

This handbag is of the perfect size that gives a feel of the expensive luxury bag which makes this bag one of the best choices for you to carry around on your trip to Europe.

This highly durable bag has enough space to store lots of items that could include tabs, books, keys, among many other items that too with great ease.

Pros of Kenneth Cole Harriet Satchel Handbag

  • Highly spacious.
  • Perfect size.
  • Easy to organize.
  • Comfortable to carry around.

Cons of Kenneth Cole Harriet Satchel Handbag

  • Stitching might come out with heavy use.

Best For: Medium size handbag that easily fit all the necessary travel stuff

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#3. Lovevook Handbags for Women

Lovevook Handbags for women is one of the top-selling handbags in the women handbag category with high-quality material in a perfect size that can be carried around with ease.

This handbag is made of synthetic leather that makes this handbag extremely sturdy and gives a cozy feeling when carried around.

It is easy to organize with top zipper closure and comes with a magnetic flap for extra safety and comes with extra straps that can help you use this bag either as a handbag or shoulder bag.

Apart from this awesome handbag, you will also get a shoulder bag, a messenger bag, and a wallet clutch.

Pros of Lovevook Handbags for Women

  • Perfect size with multiple pockets
  • Value for money
  • Highly durable and stylish
  • Multiple uses.

Cons of Lovevook Handbags for Women

  • You might face an issue with strips after heavy use.

Best For: Looking for a value for money handbag with multiple functions

#4. Pacsafe Metrosafe Anti Theft Shoulder HandBag

Pacsafe anti-theft shoulder handbag is made of nylon with polyester lining and zipper closure that provides you with anti-theft design.

This handbag has lockable zippers and cut-proof bag material made using lightweight steel mesh that helps prevent slash thefts and it also has a separate RFID blocking pockets to help keep your cars and IDs safe from unauthorized access.

This bag has multiple pockets that help you organize your stuff with ease and the minimalistic design makes sure that you get to store your essentials while keeping them secure as travel through crowded places on your international adventures.

Pros of Pacsafe Metrosafe Anti Theft Shoulder HandBag

  • Maximum security with easy access
  • Minimalist design
  • Lightweight with easy to carry

Cons of Pacsafe Metrosafe Anti Theft Shoulder HandBag

  • Limited space to put in your stuff.

Best For: Minimalist design handbag with extra security features to help you secure your important items.

#5. Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bucket Bag

Travelon anti-theft cross body Bucket Bag is a specially designed handbag while keeping security issues that you might face while traveling through the tourist places that are highly vulnerable to theft and pickpockets.

This very bag has a locking main compartment with RFID blocking pocket and passport slots to keep them safe and at the same time easily accessible.

The bag body is specially designed to be slash-proof with its steel mesh integration which helps provide protection against cut and grab thefts.

It has an additional anti-theft feature that includes an adjustable slash-resistant shoulder strap. It also has a front slash pocket and two mesh expansion panels for extra storage.

Pros of Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bucket Bag

  • Highly secure handbag
  • Ease to organize
  • Dedicated RFID protection pocket.

Cons of Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bucket Bag

  • Limited space for storage

Best For: Looking for a handbag with extra anti-theft features with easy to access document pockets.

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Best Crossbody Handbags for Travel 2021

#6. ESTALON Leather Crossbody Handbag

ESTALON Leather Crossbody handbag is made from genuine leather which lends vintage charm to your wardrobe. The high-quality leather resists the wear and tear making it ideal for travel as well as daily use.

This handcrafted bag has three exterior zip compartments and one interior zip that will provide you with maximum space for storage and easy access to your belongings.

This cross bag is handmade by professional artisans to give this bag a highly durable and balanced look with its vintage style. This bag with vintage and highly functional features have the durability to last for life.

Pros of ESTALON Leather Crossbody Handbag

  • Genuine oil-rich leather
  • Easy to organise and spacious.
  • Vintage look and feel

Cons of ESTALON Leather Crossbody Handbag

  • Doesn’t have any dedicated pockets for cards

Best For: Looking for a bag with a vintage look and highly durable

#7. Coach Signature Crossbody Handbag

Coach signature crossbody handbag is a cross-body bag with signature coated canvas and smooth leather details for a luxurious look and feel.

This bag has a zip-top closure to the main compartment and comes with a fabric lining to make it comfortable to use. It also has an outside slip pocket to put in the things for easy and quick access.

This bag also has an adjustable strap that can be used to wear this bag on the shoulder or as a cross-body wear. This lightweight bag is very convenient to use and can fit in many things of your need when you travel with this handbag.

Pros of Coach Signature Crossbody Handbag

  • Durable and comfortable.
  • Adjustable strap
  • Perfect size

Cons of Coach Signature Crossbody Handbag

  • No inside pockets

Best For: Looking for a branded bag with high functionality and use.

Best Travel Handbags for Men 2021

#8. XINCADA Travel Handbag for Man

XINCADA travel handbag is a bag specially designed with taking into consideration the needs of modern men and is made of high-density canvas which provides high durability and comfort.

It is decorated with high-quality leather and hardware that gives it a decent look.

This bag has multiple pockets to help you easily organize your belongings and is large enough to fit in an iPad and also comes with an adjustable strap while providing you with the reasonable capacity to put in your stuff while traveling.

Pros of XINCADA Travel Handbag for Man

  • Easy to organize with multiple pockets
  • Decent look
  • High-quality material

Cons of XINCADA Travel Handbag for Man

  • The zipper might show some issues

Best For: Compact yet spacious bag to travel

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#9. CoolBELL Multi Functional Travel Handbag

CoolBELL Multi-Functional travel handbag is designed for travel with enough room to put in a laptop, few clothes, and other necessary belongings.

You can use this bag in multiple ways as a backpack, shoulder bag or a messenger bag. With its four pockets on the outside, it becomes very convenient to organize your belongings and lightweight design makes it easy to carry and travel with.

The backpack straps and the shoulder straps can be easily hidden in the pockets provided when not in use and can give the overall decent appearance.

This bag is made using oxford cloth with 210D waterproof polyester lining and genuine leather that helps make this bag highly durable for your travel needs.

Pros of CoolBELL Multi-Functional Travel Handbag

  • Easy to organize with multiple pockets.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry in multiple ways
  • High durable material

Cons of CoolBELL Multi-Functional Travel Handbag

  • Backpack straps can be uncomfortable in the long run.

Best For: Looking for a handbag with multiple features and easy to organize which could also fit your laptop.

#10. Topfox Men’s Multifunctional Handbag

Topfox men’s multifunctional handbag comes with multiple pockets to help you organize your belongings including cell phone, tablet, wallet among others with great ease.

This bag is designed using a high-density cotton canvas that makes this bag light as well as highly durable to use during your travel.

This classic bag looks stylish and goes along with different kind of outfits you might wear on different destinations. This bag is of the right size with all the necessary pockets to put in all your travel documents and other belongings like cards and Ids.

Pros of Topfox Men’s Multifunctional Handbag

  • Made up of premium and highly durable material.
  • Multiple pockets to easily organize travel documents.
  • Can fit in multiple things for its size.

Cons of Topfox Men’s Multifunctional Handbag

  • The shoulder strap can be a little uncomfortable

Best For: Medium size handbag that could fit all necessary traveling documents

#11. S-ZONE Leather Travel Handbag

S-ZONE leather travel handbag is one of the top-selling handbags and crafted using top quality leather which makes it highly durable while being easy to carry around.

This bag gives a vintage look with its genuine leather surface that has disorderly wrinkles, scratches that present the style of retro and wilderness.

The bag is extremely spacious with its multipurpose design and elaborate craftsmanship that gives this bag a satisfactory feel and look. It also uses high-quality zine-alloy hardware that won’t rust that would last for long.

Pros of S-ZONE Leather Travel Handbag

  • A highly durable material used
  • Extremely spacious.
  • Top-selling bag

Cons of S-ZONE Leather Travel Handbag

  • The zipper might show issues after some use.

Best For: Looking for a handbag with durability and well-organised bag space for multipurpose use.


S-ZONE Leather Travel Handbag is a goto travel bag with all the necessary features that you might need while travelling.

Pacsafe Metrosafe Anti Theft Shoulder HandBag should be your choice if you want a bag with protection against theft.

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